Discover Kew – A whole new way to discover Kew Gardens and Wakehurst Place with iBeacons

A new mobile app, Discover Kew is about to be launched into the Apple store that uses one of the largest outdoor network of iBeacons in the country. The Android version is set to follow in early 2015.

Twenty-five beacons placed at select locations throughout the grounds in Kew gardens and a further fifteen beacons at Wakehurst in Sussex aim to enhance your visit by delivering content that’s tailored to your location.

Enter one of our Discovery Zones and this app will automatically update and give you:

  •    Insights into the life of plants
  •    A behind-the-scenes understanding of how our scientists advance our understanding of the natural world
  •    Insight into the rich history of Kew and Wakehurst – from royal visits to the stories of our volunteers and staff through the decades
  •    A peek at our amazing architecture, the largest seed bank in the world, and the unknown history of some of our rare plant species

tutorialThree  tutorialFour

Plan your tour at Kew and Wakehurst. And then enter a Discovery Zone where we’ll unlock special content. Explore our history, understand the science of plants, and get in touch with new experiences:

  •    Visit one of our Big Trees – massive examples of their species
  •    Take the Brilliant Bark Tour at Wakehurst
  •    Visit one of our popular attractions – from the Palm House to a Royal Retreat

We hope you enjoy discovering Kew and Wakehurst in a whole new way!

This pilot project will run over the winter months so that we can test the technology and user experience.

I hope to share useful information over the next days and weeks about Beacons, our project, challenges and a timeline. There will be future blog posts on topics such as privacy and data, our app tutorial screens, the Wakehurst bark trail plus a three part blog about the project timeline over the past 12 months. Please keep a look out for new blog releases from me soon and thanks for reading.



3 thoughts on “Discover Kew – A whole new way to discover Kew Gardens and Wakehurst Place with iBeacons

  1. Nice article Jon I have shared with my social feed’s – well done for all the hard work and hope it bring’s you all the recognition you deserve



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